Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Piece Of Me: Aged 10

Whilst updating my CD, book and website listings (check them out) and old paperback came to mind and brought with it some very pleasant memories.

Back when I was in the final year at Castercliff County Primary School, I had the best, most wonderful, idyllic teacher in the young, beautiful and caring Miss Rowley - Miss Honey anyone? :)

Anyway, along with all the care and time she took with me, and no doubt others, one of the memories that sticks out as significant was her institution of an end of day class reading time. She chose a book called 'The Saga of Erik the Viking' - which sounded wonderfully exciting and adventurous and had me in anticipation - and we all sat down as she would read some of it to us when she had time at the end of a day.

Those times I remember fondly and I feel as though it was one of those life shaping times. It strengthened in me the sense of adventure, but also the moral strength of leading characters making good, wise and clever choices. That classic traits of ability, wisdom and wits. The art work in the book was wonderful too. Oh for growing up as a boy with an imagination whisked away to far away lands, and feeling the call and the rush of nobility and greatness. All within oneself, the possibilities were endless. I'm still the same now, the deepest parts of my heart have not changed.

Oh what it is to be true to one's heart. The gift of God.

It is not always easy to be true to that call, to who you are, especially when the ideas and images of the world press upon you. Even harder when it feels as though few around you seem to understand that heart. Making decisions along those lines takes a lot of courage I have learned. It's exciting to consider who you will have proven yourself to be when you make that decision, but still, you have to make it.

Men and women we must be. True, and honest and courageous. What's more, oh the help that can be found in two eyes which when you look into them, you find that same belief and joy looking back.

God bless and check out the book some time.