Monday, June 12, 2006

The Interview Game - Revisited

About a year ago I was introduced to this blogging game by way of Mr. Dave Rattigan's Grace Pages. Following his post and simple explanation I emailed him telling him I'd be interested to play and soon enough he gave me five questions to answer. I wrote an entry answering those questions, which were mainly about myself, and should any be interested, that entry can still be found as a link on the right side of this page. It turns out though that I never offered the opportunity for interview to anyone else. After some inspiration to introduce the game to some of my friends who blog on MySpace (and there being a lack of anything particularly qualitative on that site) I offered them the chance to play. And now I do the same for you, since this is where it started. The rules and everything else can be found below, as well as the names of the people already playing. I'll take three more interviews, so if you want me to send you five questions, email me ASAP, and they'll be on their way.

God bless,



The Interview Game

1. Leave me an email, saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3. You'll update your blog with my five questions and your five answers.
4. You'll include this explanation.
5. You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.


Players so far:

Lilminnieperk -

1 - Politics - Within our group of friends you stand out on your own as someone 'from the other side'. I know this can be a bit of a pain at times, for various reasons. With regards to this whole world of politics what for you is the true significance of politics and what are the most important considerations to be made?

2 - Music, Movies or Literature - If you could only have one for the rest of your life which would it be and why? Also, which of these do you feel is the most significant in the world today?

3 - Christianity not being something you grew up with what, from your perspective, has been the most awakening revelation of faith and what's the one thing you'd most like to change about the way you see Christianity practised - either near or far.

4 - Do you ever dream about living in another time or another setting? If so, where, when or which?

5 - You've said a few times that you'd like to be able to get to know me a little more deeply. Thank you! What qualities or characteristics do you most appreciate in people, and in particular, in those whom you see, or are seen, as spiritual leaders?

Mandy - Alright Amanda, sorry for the long delay in getting these questions out to you, I
hope this is worth the wait. :)

1 - Okay, first question to get you warmed up. From where I'm standing two of the biggest aspects of your life are music and the desire to make a difference through politics/national action. Let's say those two things disappeared from your life, what then would be the biggest things left?

2 - Second question. Jon's a really great guy, I admire him a lot and I think it's safe to say that the same is true for you, so I figure here's a chance to brag about him - sorry Jon, but you're a great guy. What things do you admire most about Jon and for what are you most proud of him? Anything else you want to say?

3 - Continuing on to relationship them, since it seems natural. Jon being that great guy and you being you others have talked about your relationship as being exemplary - patient, natural and upright. I haven't heard you talk much about it though, so I'm curious to get your thoughts on the value of romantic relationships in general and what would you say are the most significant aspects to be considered by anyone thinking about relationships? Also, if it varies, what most
do you value in your own relationship?

4 - For the fourth question I want to turn the attention towards Tucson and the girls of Grace. In growing up (both in faith and life) there have been so many different personalities and characters among you, yet you seem to have come together and learned from one another. Who, for you, has been the biggest rolemodel - someone you've aspired after - and also, pick three other girls who have taught you something and explain their affect.

5 - As each of us grow our grace and empathy tend to expand as we learn about frailty and weakness, especially as we learn of, and about, our own. Which struggle would you say you empathise with most and how would you explain the struggle to others that they might also learn to have more understanding and grace for those who suffer with it?

Thanks Amanda, and thanks again for waiting.

God bless.

Samantha - I'm really glad you signed up to play. Truly.

1 - Only a short while ago you moved to Arlington, Virginia to be with your
wonderful army husband, the ever lovely Stefan. :) There with your new daughter Natalya life for the both of you seems to really have taken off. Your blogs, though an unexpected surprise, have been both encouraging and challenging and you just seem so wonderfully happy it actually makes me smile to see you doing so well. My first question then, is how have things changed for you personally? I think we can all see the some of the outer effects and signs, what we don't see is what is going on inside. So, what's the difference since making this big but undoubtedly good transition?

2 - The second question on my lips is about the future. I know in the past both you and Stefan have thought about missions, but also clerical work. Whilst the focus for both of you right now has been, and will continue to be, on Natlya and setting up life in Arlington, do you guys have any specific plans, hopes or visions for the future? If so...what? :)

3 - Getting back to your blogs and faith, your subjects so far have been 'Fearing the Lord', 'Welcome Affliction' and 'the Holy of Holies'. From where you are now, and having seen what you have of life and all its changes, what one or two things would you speak to those who continue to live life here in Tucson?

4 - Sometimes I feel as if I know you well, other times very little. So what I want to know is, what does it mean to be Samantha Johnson?

5 - Hmm, having just asked that one a similar one has come to mind. My final question is about 'reminders'. Since you've just said what it means to be Samantha Johnson, by way of reminder, what would you say to your family that it means to be a McElroy, what would you say to the other in Tucson that it means to be a 'Gracer', and what would you say to me and Reub that it means to be an Avellano?

Dave Rattigan -

1 - As soon as I'd written this question for Lilian you came to mind so I'm also going to ask it of you. Music, Movies or Literature - If you could only have one for the rest of your life which would it be and why? Also, which of these do you feel is the most significant in the world today?

2 - Since we left RTC five years ago some amazing developments have taken place in both our lives and I think it would have been hard to imagine that we would be where we are. My question is at the point of our leaving Regents where did you think you would be in the future, and also, where did you think I would be? :)

3 - A gifted and forthright writer, intelligent, informed and thoughtful. You're also funny, caring and dependable. (Not to embarrass you!) Yet what one characteristic do you most wish you had?

4 - I mentioned significant changes. Whilst it undoubtedly began during college you have since then run far off to a more liberal 'station' of beliefs. All of us struggle with pride in our life and faith, how did that struggle feature for you in this transition?

5 - A few years on as someone who has taken up residence in 'the other camp' :) What are some of your current thoughts and feelings on 'right and left', conservative Christianity and your experience? Where do you see the Church headed?

Lasairiona -

1 – Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

2 – What one thing do you quietly most hope for yourself?

3 – If you could have grown up to become someone different, who would that person be?

4 – What is the hope that Jesus Christ offers you?

5 – Read Hebrews 12 and give it some thought, then comment on it. :)


Jaclyn - Sorry for the long wait on these, I hope you enjoy them. If I may, I'd like to throw six at you.

1 – You’re a reader, and a writer. Your heart lies firmly surrounded by friends and family but foremost before the throne of the Lord. The love fostered there now spills out through the Spirit to the other people you meet and you desire to reach out to those around the world. These things I believe I know about you, but, since I don’t know all the details of your life, the little things that make up your world – if you’ll allow me the liberty, I’d like to pull you out from that world of yours right now and place you into another. Let’s say it’s completely unfamiliar territory.Describe the setting. Who might someone there learn Jaclyn to be? How might you be? How might you feel? Also, feeling free to bring them in on this one, how might your friends/family describe you in these circumstances? If at all, how do you think you would differ or surprise them?

2 – You love missions. Which well-known, missionary/Christian figure do you most closely compare yourself or aspire to and why?

3 – Family and marriage are two big things that are talked about, admired and exalted in Christian circles throughout the world. There are conferences, ministries and more books than anyone would care to count. However, a life of undivided devotion without marriage, though spoken of by both Christ and Paul, often seems little spoken of or understood in churches. How would you defend and describe that call to those who might not understand it?

4 – In bringing up this interview game, you have made mention of propriety in dealing with this whole thing. Such a thing isn’t too common but was a pleasant surprise. If you don’t mind I’m going to take the liberty of running with that subject and bring up the context of guy/girl behaviour. Give three things you hold in high regard when it comes to relating to the opposite sex. What two things do you think guys should be most careful of in relating to girls, and then what two things should girls most be careful of? Finally, what one thing has been the most useful tool for you in balancing your own behaviour in this regard?

5 – You mention you’re an avid reader, if you could have every person on the planet read one book that is not a specifically Christian book (or the Bible) what would it be and why?

6 – If you could ask me one question in return, what would it be?

Jaclyn has posted and her answers can be found here.


Dawn - After a long wait, here are your questions...finally! Thanks for waiting.

1 – How has being a mother and a wife affected your perspective on your faith, what do you see now about life and faith and God that you did not before you were married and before you were a mother?

2 – Name one thing you believe your husband deserves more of from the world around him. Now name one thing he deserves more of from you.

3 – What one aspect of your husband do you find that you mostly silently admire, and what aspect of him do you think others miss that you would most like to loudly proclaim in a public setting?

4 – You have a baby son. By the time he is a man in his own right how do you imagine you would like the Church/church to be (assuming the Lord has not made His return!)?

5 - Also considering your baby son. If you could, how would you get the world to change to make things better for him?

6 – It seems that less men are attending church and women are more comfortable there. Some are talking of the feminisation of worship. What's your take on all this and how do you see the roles of men and women in church – what is right, what is wrong, where do you see things going (or needing to go)? Also, what things do you think might need to be done to bring things to where they need to be - what do you think women should expect/prepare themselves to do, and men?