Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Here Is A Day

“Here is a day oh Lord….what will you do with it?”

Well it’s been a while again but I’m here and it is good to be able to post. I'm still working on a few longer things and still there are some big things going on but after revisiting this which I transcribed to the computer a bit ago I thought I'd it. God bless.


This morning was just wonderful. Having taken the dogs out for their morning walk I sat down to get in some time with the Lord and His word and heeded His prompting to go get my notebook. It’s so easy for me to just open my Bible read through a few passages and just leave it at that, without having anything really stick. However, if I grab a pen and a notebook my times in the word take on a whole new atmosphere and aspect. So just as a quickie I highly recommend that when you go to spend some time with God, even if it’s just prayer, take a pen and a notebook and be prepared to write. Now, if I may, I’d like to share a little something from my pen this morning.

“Sitting at the table this morning with the freshness of the morning – the air, the light, the singing of the birds beyond the house – all is bright. I sit here with an open notebook before me and I could write anything. Ah, but not anything will do! … Perhaps even writing will not do!

For I sit here with an open book but also an open day - indeed even an open life. I have no sense about tomorrow or where my life will lead. So open! It is open, I am open – and oh, there is a feeling of joy here with me too. There seems to be a joy intertwined with this business of being at the beginning of something open. Look! Look around. Nothing can be predicted! Anything could happen, anything could be done – yet, it is true; not just anything will do. No, because as I sit here at this table, this morning, the joy in my openness comes from the fact that I am here…waiting. I am waiting for His arrival; waiting for the knock at the door, His stepping into my house.

Hmm…Openness is good because it means that one can be filled. Yet, if one does not have any expectation of being filled, openness can be daunting since it brings a realisation of emptiness. Considering a box, a box is not meant to be always empty. It is a container, designed to contain, to be filled. A box that goes its whole life empty is, literally, unfulfilled. It is a box that missed its calling. Still, it is necessary that there is a time when the box is open and empty, for if it were not – if it were always closed or if it were already full with dust or junk – it could not be filled, it would have to be emptied first. No, there is a proper time for openness and emptiness but that openness must also come with one more thing – expectation, the promise of being filled.

And so, here I am at this table. I have joy and I have expectation – because my life is open and I know it will be filled – for God does not despise an open box. He will have a purpose for it, He will fill it and the excitement is that I know not with what He will fill this day, this life. Perhaps He will fill this notebook, perhaps not. Perhaps He will have me serve a friend or a neighbour or even a stranger. Perhaps He will have me clean or perhaps when He comes He will lead me on to some adventure. Truly, I do not know how He will fill this day, I do not know how He will fill this life but I may have joy because I know when it comes it will be good - I will be satisfied and He will not waste an inch of space but will fill me to the brim.

I am, this day, open, and I am this day, empty. I have emptied out what is inside - some of it is junk and some are my own treasures – that I may be the best box that I can. What’s more, though I do not know when He will come, I will be ready. I will take care of this day and this life so that I will be open. I will not fill it with junk, with meaningless things, for I am a box – and I am open – and though I could be filled with anything, not just anything will do. He is coming, He has many purposes on which He is working, and I do not doubt that in some way or other He will be able to include me - include me in some eternal creation of God!

So here I am at this morning table. The birds are still singing, all things are still bright, the day is open and so am I. I will go now, and listen for His voice and rejoice in my day. When next we meet perhaps we may share the story of how we were filled.”


God bless.