Sunday, April 16, 2006

He is Risen!

He is risen! I shall say it again, He is risen!

What a day! I'm just so full of...well... His Spirit, His joy today that I had to come on here and say something. I want to bear witness that these words are true: God is good. Truly He is loving, and life is found in Him.

When Jesus said that He is the Way the Truth and the Life, He was not lying. If you have never known Him I want to say to you, truly, do not worry about any misgivings you might have about that statement, just take Him at His word and follow Him a while, talk to Him, you will find that He is true. How great it is to be one among the fellowship of the saints!

May the Lord bless all of you on this Easter day and onwards through the year, for the One who died and now is alive is Emmanuel and we will now be in His company forever - never alone! May all temporary emotions and contrary feelings bow before the eternal reality of the truth in Jesus Christ. This day, this Earth, this life shall pass, but He shall not, and because of Him, neither shall we.

Praise be to Him! May we join with the Earth, and with all who send up a song, even if we stand alone in a solitary room, He hears us all, let us praise Him!

That reminds me of something. Of late I've been having something of a Daniel/Jeremiah experience. During my times alone before Him I've found myself standing or kneeling before an open window, and looking up, praising Him. There's something so very different about looking up instead of down in my 'worship'. So many times I begin to focus upon my own sins and my need of Him, but then my worship becomes downward, self-centered, and perhaps, not even worship alone. Yet in looking up there is hope. I see the skies, I see my destiny, and I rejoice.

One such day recently I was before the window, almost out of routine, when in quietness I began to notice some birds singing beyond the house. I could not see them but I could hear them. Alone in the house I had my door open and I then heard that the parakeet in the front room had also heard the birds outside and was joining them. I listened a little and then I began to realise that what I was hearing was not merely a few feathered animals doing the same thing they always do but the praise of creation rising up to God. From all corners of the Earth, I knew that there were creatures of all kinds doing what they had been created to do. Whatever was in accordance with their manner they were glorfying Him never stopped. God, with all the things going on around the world, always had a song to listen to, and always heard it. As I listened I at first heard its beauty but then was drawn by it. It was the song of creation offered to the Creator, all creatures sang it, no matter how humble, and certainly of the company of the grateful created I am one. So I couldn't help myself, I had to join them. I listened to the song, my heart was filled with joy and I filled my mouth with praise. I sang with the birds and silently prayed to my God a prayer of praise.

On this Easter Day - and every day that exists because He came and did not destroy - do not look down, and do not look lonely - but look up. For He is there and He is listening. We are never alone, there is always a song being offered up and at any moment of any day we can join ourselves to that number. Even if it's only for a few seconds we can, as grateful creation, do something that is pure worship, purely aimed at Him, purely fulfilling some of our purpose in existing, and He will know it - because He hears. He hears every single voice and He knows us, for He formed us.

Such a price He paid to keep that which He created let us try hard and do our best to never let Him regret it - and I know that never He will.

Happy Easter and rejoice my friend. I may not know who you are, but as you're reading this know that there is and always will be at least one other whose heart will always sing to God. This day do not look down, for He is not amongst those within the earth. Look up, for that is where He went, and because He went there, it is where we will one day follow! Truly there is truth, life, love and joy in Him. Oh truly He is good! Rejoice my friends, we are never alone, and we need never fear - for He is risen!


Two Words

Something else occurred to me recently. It occurred to me when I was watching the Passion of the Christ and as I bowed my head towards the end I was blown away. You see I realised something that night. Two words. They are the greatest thing I own. The greatest thing that I can call my own - but at times I've not even thought so. Two words that I could never have claimed but which were given to me. Their price was far too high, so high that at times I even despised them; though in truth they were all I wanted but could not have. Yet the one to whom they belonged - the only one on Earth to whom they belonged - was kind and caring enough that he did not gloat over me with them but instead paid the inscrutably high price so that I could have them too. Two words that I may always bring to my lips, even when I feel farthest from them, even when I feel a liar, a pretender, in using them; two words that are and always will be, nevertheless, true. He spoke them once, many times, and I did not understand. He spoke them and in them He was something other than I. He spoke them and I was shamed. Now I speak them, and they are true, now I speak them and He is glorified. I speak them and I shall never forget their worth. Two words are my greatest treasure - I do not exaggerate and I do not lie. Two words - they are totally mine and I will never have more, not ever. Two words, and by them, I can hardly believe it, He honours me. Two words... thank you my Lord...two words, and they are -

'My' 'Father'.

God bless.