Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Coming back...

Well, it's been far too long since I posted here, and my apologies for the delay.

The way things are right now I think I should be set to start posting again. I have some thoughts on spiritual IOU's to share, maybe also something on tithing. I also have to update my reading list and maybe toss out some thoughts and reviews. So without further ado, I'd like to throw out a quote by Richard Baxter (old English Reformed Pastor) which a friend of mine sent to me, knowing that I've been reading some of his stuff. Thanks Skip.

God bless.


The flesh is not only the common idol, but the most devouring idol in all the world. It hath not, as subservient, flattered idols have, only a knee and compliment, or now and then a sacrifice or ceremony, but it hath the heart, the tongue, the body to serve it; the whole estate, the service of friends, the use of wit and utmost diligence; in a word, it hath all. It is loved and served by the sensualist, as God should be loved and served by his own, even "with all their heart, and soul, and might:" they "honour it with their substance, and the firstfruits of their increase." It is as faithfully served as Christ requireth to be of his disciples: men will part with father, and mother, and brother, and sister, and nearest friends, and all that is against it, for the pleasing of their flesh. Nay, Christ required men to part with no greater matter for him than transitory earthly things, which they must shortly part with whether they will or no; but they do for the flesh ten thousand thousandfold more than ever they were required to do for Christ.
Richard Baxter