Thursday, November 17, 2005

Draft Review: Strongest Silk

Taking some time to review my unfinished or unpublished drafts I'm going to be posting bits and pieces that have just sat for a while. I hope they're of some encouragement.

Strongest Silk

There is a woman whose beauty is beyond compare,

whose glory shines like the sun;

Her name is not known and her face is not seen yet her work is assuredly done.

Like a fine silken cloth she catches the Wind and dances in glorious splendour,

Yet the Lord holds her fast so the Wind will not pass;

He has called her to harness His grandeur.

So she holds to the mast with a strength not her own,

Ever faithful and strong without tearing,

Here her beauty now shows as she billoughs and blows

with His breath on her back she is soaring;

This woman wastes not her life on sweet tasting strife,

Beauty that's dead - unavailing,

For the ship that He guides now with her cuts the tides

and no storm will ever cost it its bearing.

To the white flower.