Monday, October 24, 2005

Juke Box

Just to let you know, I recently added a 'Juke Box' section to my lists on the right. It contains the CD's bought or listened to most recently by me. They're also recommendations since I wont post anything that I thought wasn't any good. If you want to know more about anything to do with the music or books I list, perhaps about my preferences, or thoughts on something I haven't mentioned, drop me an email. I'd love to respond. I do thoroughly appreciate all the comments I get, the unnamed Sitemeter hits are nice but to see names and hear thoughts means a lot to me.

Actually, that brings something to mind. I've recently thought about posting an occasional review on a book I've read or CD I've bought. I'm not certain that anyone would be interested in hearing me do that, so I've held off, I've also been short on time what with all that river business.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, let me know.

God bless,