Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Blogger Rule #1

Learn quickly to type one's blogs in word processing software like Word or something else.

That way when one's computer crashes, the internet dies or some other unforseen accident happens you will not face the tragedy of lost words but only the delay of reopening a file.

Oh the stories I could tell. Of a trip through Colorado and into Texas, moving through a settling mist as the sound of guitar strings plucked filled the air and prayers were lifted up by a trio on their way to an encounter with God. Of lessons learned in praying effectively and avoiding the deception of one's own worry.

Some day I'll pay attention to what I write. Although, that last one should make it up here shortly. It makes you wonder why do these things never happen when you've just logged on and typed only two words?

Bloggers of the world - heedeth these words wisely and doth take ye the actions appropriate!