Thursday, July 07, 2005

How To Fight?

I think many hearts and minds are focusing now on what these London bombings mean. What will the response be? How do you fight this?

Some fear hate-filled responses attacking the Muslim community, others are already complaining about action in the Middle-East and how we 'brought this on ourselves', and still others are screaming for someone to pay.

I think we have here an opportunity to rally and rebuild. For Britain to break out of it cynical, divisive, self-focused shell - a sickness that has fallen upon the modern country - and regain its true heart.

I also think that for this war on terror to be successful it's going to require the Muslim community to really dig deep and get involved. They are going to have to make sure that the terrorists hiding among them can no longer use them as a shelter. They need to clean house and oust those within who are involved giving them no place to hide. From acquaintances to religious leaders to whomever, the Muslim community needs to work on this from the inside. Someone must know who these people are. Conventional warfare is limited in its effect.

And all people need to rally round, help out in the aftermath, and be clear and supportive in the definition between the good and the bad.


An addition. In events like these as the facts and figures come in to give definition to the damage done we often hear of 'the death toll' and of numbers 'injured' either some 'seriously'. It's easy at times to focus on the dead and with a 'phew' brush aside the injured thinking of cuts and scrapes and bruises. I just heard something though that is an important reminder. When we hear of '350 injured' some may have been fortunate enough to get away with only a minor cut or scrape, however there will be some in that number, some of the '350 injured' fortunate to escape with their lives yet they will never walk. Others will be learning of the next years to live with only one arm. For some the world, in an instant, went silent and it will always remain so, the voices of their loved ones remaining now and forever a memory. Still others will come to experience the guilt and pain of what it is to begin to forget the faces of those closest to them, the memory of vision escaping their grasp. '350 injured' - lives changed forever by this day. Sight loss, hearing lost, for some both. Brain damage, mobility, missing limbs. Such is the fate of those 350 who get to be the 'lucky ones' who were not amongst the dead.

God's grace be with you.