Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Dropping In

I just wanted to drop in with an update. Things have been a bit busy recently, and though I've been working on a couple of pieces I haven't finished anything. Blogging can be a bit of a difficult affair for me. I don't like to rant or just post any old thing about my life. I try to only post when I feel like God has definitely spoken, to show me something or share something. To some that might seem a bit 'over spiritual' or perhaps just neurotic but I believe that those who would put themselves forward as teachers, leaders or any who inspire, especially in matters of faith and God, should be very careful about what comes out of their mouths, - or through their fingers! I'm not flawless in that regard, not by a long shot, and I plan to have a review of the material posted so far that I might have the opportunity to retract anything spoken out of place, and perhaps revisit a subject or two.

Recently I've been praying a lot about my own future as things may well be changing drastically in the not too distant future. For any of you out there who walk with God in this Vast Expanse, I'd appreciate your prayers as you talk with Him.

On another subject, last Friday saw my 25th birthday come and go. I had a good time, leaving work at 2pm and then having an amazing lesson at the Arizona Ballroom Co. (yup, I'm learning to dance). Following that I, and a bunch of friends saw the recent Fantastic 4 movie. I heard a deluge of bad reports so was weary going in. I left having enjoyed it, no idea what they were all complaining about. It was no epic but as far as paying $5.50 and sitting down for and hour or two, I found it an enjoyable way to pass the time. Such was the general consensus in our little group.

After the movie I had no plans but my brother did. He'd planned a get together at a friend's house so they kidnapped me and we all just invaded the home, playing pool, fussball, and whatever else people at silly birthday parties do. Oh and I do mean silly. Instead of a cake I got a hotdog with three matches stuck in it - on a paper plate made to look like a face with ketchup, bread and mustard!

Actually, now I'm thinking about it, my brother did throw in a game of his own invention which I'll share with you. He called it 'Needs, Wants, Deserves'. The games was simple, hand out pieces of paper and pens to everyone and then have them write down any one or more of the above as concerns me - Something they think I need, want and/or deserve. A bit of a recipe for cheeky remarks knowing my group and I got my fair share, although there were of course some very nice people who showed kindness! :) If by any chance there are some of you out there who feel like you missed out, I'll offer you the opportunity to be part of the birthday fun and extend an invitation to leave your own contribution to 'Needs, Wants, Deserves' in the comments of this post.

Finally, there were the gifts. Quite a nice bunch, and a shout out to my friend Drew who gave me Das Buch - a guide/tip/extended play book for the game Settlers of Catan. I'm a bit of a board game fan and Settlers is a favourite. Thank you.

Perhaps the most unique gift though was my mother's. She bought me a Fukien Tea tree - a bonsai. I'm having a little difficulty with it right now but I'm determined to learn and see it flourish. A beautiful tree it is and I'd been thinking about getting into some kind of gardening for a while - there's something about hobbies thatr cultivate life, the joy, satisfaction and benefits not found elsewhere. Assuming I get through these difficult early stages, expect some 'Gospel According to Miyagi' related posts down the line!

God bless, I look forward to reading any comments and also to posting again soon.