Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Keeping Up Appearances

A lot of men love them, and many more women can't imagine life without them - but do they really enhance one's attractiveness?

High heels. They're everywhere. Most women own at least one pair and believe that sometimes you do just have to wear them. Apparently a lot of men think they should too. Some boyfriends and husbands even require their partners to wear them. Take a second look though. The following articles might open your eyes:

Feet For Life

Biomed Library

Flat Facts About High Heels

Yale-New Haven Hospital

So, yes, high heels are widely considered as attractive - but they also damage a woman's back, knees, and feet. Take a look at the many women in their 50's and 60's who are now suffering with painful knee and back problems; women who hobble and can't walk. Think of the women who no longer have the condition to move freely or quickly, with energy. What's attractive about that? Give me a woman who can smile with joy and enjoy life free from pain any day.

High heels are damaging to health. Guys why would you require your women to suffer (now and later) just so you can satisfy your ego? Women, sorry for the pressure to wear such torturous footwear, really, you are beautiful without those heels. So some fancy gal in Hollywood is looking gorgeous in a skin tight dress and 6 inch heels. We all know just how unreal their lives are anyway, and when she's looking awful at 50 in her big white house, with too much make-up, one too many face-lifts, and pink tutu wearing chihuahua at her side...I'd rather be out taking long walks, enjoying the day with the partner sent to me by God, blessed in the joy of life.