Friday, September 02, 2005


The news is shocking in itself, of the suffering and plight which seems to have come so suddenly out of nowhere, but what is the most shocking and disturbing is the window into human nature which this almost unbelievable disaster has provided.

Rapes, molestation, murder, along with all the looting, carjacking and shootings. What is the nature of humanity that pursues its lusts and cravings whilst themselves in the midst of immense loss and suffering, and on top of that takes advantage of - takes from - those who are in the middle of the most needful and desperate time they have ever faced?

To be specific take this story of a man, whose wife was literally taken from him by the storm. Now imagine if in seeking shelter his child is taken and raped. This is going on right now, what is this? It feels as though New Orleans and the gulf coast states affected have been turned into Third World countries, and we are reading the reports out of a war-torn nation.

Riches and opportunity in this country cover-up so much. When they are now pulled away, what do we find beneath?