Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Teeny Tiny Meme

A little three question Meme for your participation. The questions came up on the CAA Forum which I frequent and I thought them quite poignant. I love random question like these, I think they help to show a side of a person that might not normally come out to any who are not around them regularly in person.

The way this works :-

If you have a blog then copy and paste these questions into a new blog and provide your answers there and in the comments section here - and give the opportunity for others to do the same from your own blog. If you have trackback, go ahead and trackback to this post.

If you don't have a blog then go ahead and post your answer in the comments section here anyway because I'm curious. :)

Three questions:

1) Meaning(less?)

If you had to devote your life to one quirky and pointless goal, what would it be?

2) Of Barbies, He-Man and Mr. Meccano

What is/was your favourite toy?

3) The Sweet Smell of...?

Imagine the technology existed which allowed you to not only receive sight and sound via your computer but also smell. What would be the scent of your website - transmitted to all who would visit?

For my part:

1 - I'd travel around the world and from place to place, sometime heading out to remote areas, others times stopping in the city - I'd do it all on foot where I could, but making use of various transportation just to be in those places of travel and I'd find a place, stop, close my eyes, stretch out my fingers, and listen, breathe, and feel. I'd take in the essence of the place around me, the scent, the sound, and the warmth or the cold, or the light upon my fingers and my skin. Then I'd crouch down, and put my hands to the ground and I'd just stop, and feel. If there was actual earth on the ground I'd take some of it up and rub it around my hands and smell the earth. Then after I had lingered enough I would move on, and all the time try to listen and to watch all that went on around me.

2 - I think I'm going to have to go with a stuffed Koala Bear toy that I had from when I was a baby until I was maybe ten or so. I really don't quite remember when I saw it last. Apparently it was a gift from my Uncle Cornelius, on my mother's side, who came to visit from Australia (and I've never seen him since). My answer though, really has nothing to do with him or long lost relatives, I just really loved that bear. It wasn't one of those plush toy things, it has the most realistic feeling fur, was a little squishable but not totally, and it tasted really good. Seriously. I used to suck on its ear all the time. I can still taste it now. I sucked on it so much that my mother had to sew that ear up several times to keep its stuffing from coming out.

The bear was my friend. It wasn't like regular bears, it was a Koala Bear, and it was cool, and it was lovely. Oh, and I also bit its claws off. It had these little black, plastic claws which were a bit pointy, so I nibbled them off. Ah, my fluffy Koala Bear friend! If there was one thing I could bring back from my childhood it would be that guy, and I'd keep him forever.

3 - Tricky one this. Immediate thoughts go to smells associated with me - my cologne, hair product etc. but those really aren't indicative of much. I think what I'd have to go for is trying to capture the essence of a fresh breeze. Perhaps the fresh sea air, or a light hill top or mountain breeze. I think I'd want people to get the sense of the freshness of the open air, because for me that is when I feel most alive, when I'm out in the open and the wind is just blowing freely where it pleases. I often just close my eyes, open my fingers out wide, and just feel the life in the world around me. Through my nostrils I breathe in and make a part of me that which cannot be captured, the freshness of the open, God's creation, no pollution, just the smell of the Vast Expanse.

God bless.