Thursday, August 04, 2005


This might seem like a random post, but there's a purpose in it, trust me. Consider this a primer.

Manga - the term used to collectively label a type of comic book originating in Japan. They look and read just like western comics with the exceptions that instead of being thin they're more akin to paper-back novels and also they read from right to left. They're very popular in Japan, covering a number of genre from children's stuff to the weird and wacky, the sloppily romantic to high adventure, and even that which is lamentably 'adult' and to be avoided.

Anime - the animated cartoon version of manga . A lot of anime series are simply animated (anime = animation... get it?) version of manga comics but some are created as anime originally. Some of the more common anime incarnations are Dragon Ball Z, Yu Gi Oh or Pokemon. Those are some of the more well known ones here in the West, but please don't be sick just yet! As I said, there are many varieties of anime and manga; some are just silly, others are very serious.

I've never actually read any manga but have seen a few anime. I tend to be very picky on what I will or wont watch as there is a lot of junk out there, some of it weird, other stuff disgusting, but I do like the distinct style of animation and artwork and when you find the good series out there they can actually be quite uplifting, thought provoking, and an enjoyable form of entertainment.

If you're going to take a dip into the world of anime/manga I'd recommend you find someone who knows a bit about it and whose opinion you trust to give you some advice or suggestions. If you can't find anyone, I'd be happy to help! :) (Check out The Christian Anime Alliance and