Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Treasury of Kings

Well, it's been a few days since I last posted. My apologies. Things have been a bit busy, and part of that business has been my working on a new blog - The Treasury of Kings. I wont go into detail here, you can go ahead and visit the link to read the explanation in the first post there. What I will say is that this is something I've been praying about a bit and really feel is something God is leading me to do. Ultimately what it comes down to is providing something that will help people who want to get deeper into God's word, and gain the skills to be able to feed themselves from it, discerning truth and coming to the place where they can truly say that God's word is their inheritance forever and the joy of their heart. It is also a place to celebrate God's word and, for those who already love it and have explored its pages for years past, to provide another avenue for exploration along with a community whereby we can enjoy the passion, motivation and celebration that comes with community.

I'm not entirely sure where or how this is going to go, but stick with me, if this is your heart, pray about it, and hopefully we can find out where this leads together.

God bless.