Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Recently I've been lead to ponder my options in life. Trying to figure out what I might want to do, what I feel God might be leading me into. So far I'm feeling pretty good about things with a few different avenues to pursue. As I've explored things for while I came across a few opportunities that struck me as distinctive and thought I'd share them with you. Even if you feel pretty settled in life, I think it's always good to know that even if what you think is everything comes to an end, there are in fact more options than you realise and life truly is an exciting adventure.

First up I should mention that I've been pondering all things Japanese recently. Can't tell you why exactly except I've found much of the culture, food and country fascinating. It's funny...there have been times in my life where I've started considering something - an opportunity, a hobby, a type of clothing, and it seemed that as soon as I start looking at it, that thing starts showing up everywhere. So too with this Japanese thing. After a week of the 'Next Blog' button bringing up nothing but Spanish blogs and adverts I start thinking about Japan and Mo's Journey shows up. Cool blog with some interesting insights. She writes well and is enjoyable to read so take a look.

Following on from Mo, who was kind enough to email me with many answers to my questions, she suggested I take a look at JET. That is, The Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme. For those of you who are over 18 and have a bachelor's degree here is what appears to be a really good opportunity for those with wanderlust to travel (to Japan) and spend some time in a foreign culture, living life and broadening your horizons whilst teaching English (previous experience not needed) or possibly doing some other job. Mo and a number of others highly recommend it, I've just started taking a look. Even if I don't end up in Japan, I'll at least enjoy a birthday out a Yoshimatsu here in Tucson! :)

Beyond the Japanese however, and due to my coming across Ann's blog along with Jeremy's, I came to JiaMin who is currently living and serving aboard the MV Doulos - a Christian ship which travels around the world doing relief work and offering books and doing Christian ministry. I took a look at the website and I have to say the temptation to just drop everything a sign up was a big one. This looks like quite the opportunity and with options of a few weeks to a couple of years (or maybe even permanent job) is definitely worth a look.

Got to run right now, more later, but for now I challenge you who have the freedom to take a look at your life, and if it's wasting away, consider letting God put it to use.