Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hugh Hewitt

Many thanks to Hugh Hewitt who, after letting me have the chance to spend a little time chatting with him yesterday at the radio station, has graciously posted on his own website a link to this blog. My hits have gone through the roof. It always a pleasure working with Hugh, he's a very gracious and personable fellow and of the type you wish you could spend more time with. I only hope now that my writing is up to snuff.

For all those who have come here via Hugh's website, my thanks for dropping by and I hope you found something of value. If you have blogs or websites yourself I'd love to hear from you and pay a visit, but whether you do or don't I do hope we'll get the chance to communicate in the future. Feel free to leave any comments or drop me an email, and if you find me worthy, come back again.

God bless.